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Classics and rarities performed by authentic artist

Boris Berezovsky, a returning guest of the National Philharmonic Orchestra, is a representative of the long-established Russian piano school, and is one of the most renowned and authentic interpreters of Russian piano music. He will be playing solo piano in a concerto by Aram Khachaturian (best known today for his Sabre Dance). Composed in an […]

Zoltán Kocsis selects pieces of music of Bartók and his age

1894, 1905, 1911- these dates refer to the years in which music pieces  to be perfomed in the concert were completed. They also represent the age from which Zoltán Kocsis selected them for the concert to be organised traditionally one day prior to the death anniversary of Bartok.     "On the season opening concert […]

Charm and intensity

As a vibrating perpetuum mobile he conducts his orchestra by heart and radiates energy (Dvorak: symphony no 8), humour (Haydn: „The night” Symphony no. 8), imaginary power (Liszt: The Storm) and natural charm (Brahms: Symphony no. 2, Dvorak: String Serenade) to his orchestra throughout the three concerts.

The triumph of the Hungarian National Philharmonic

The way Zotán Kocsis conducts the orchestra might seem to be theatrical for the purists, however, others may find his movements expressive with which he can manipulate his musicians to bring out the best of their talents and themselves.   29 July 2012