Ticket Prices and Discounts


Kocsis season ticket (five concerts)
Müpa Budapest, Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
Tickets: HUF 19,900 / 17,900 / 14,900 / 11,900 / 8,900 

Opera season ticket (three concerts)
Müpa Budapest, Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
Tickets: HUF 15,900 / 12,900 / 8,900 / 6,900 / 5,900 

Ferencsik season ticket (four concerts)
Franz Liszt Academy of Music
Tickets: HUF 15,900 / 13,900 / 11,900 / 9,900

Pászti season ticket (four concerts)
Vigadó Concert Hall Ceremonial Hall
Tickets: HUF  9,900 / 7,900


Ticket prices

Müpa Budapest, Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
Concert Tickets: HUF 6,900 / 5,900 / 4,900 / 3,900 / 2,900
Opera Tickets: HUF  8,900 / 6,900 / 4,900 / 3,900 / 3,200

Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Grand Hall
Tickets: HUF 6,900 / 5,900 / 4,900 / 3,900

Vigadó Concert Hall, Ceremonial Hall
Tickets: HUF 4,900 / 3,900

Müpa Budapest
Rehearsal Room of the Hungarian National Philharmonic
Tickets: HUF 2,900, open seating



If you buy tickets at the same time for at least six different performances: 30%
If you buy tickets at the same time for at least four different performances: 20%

Please note that our Loyalty Bonus cannot be applied to Opera season ticket performances!

Demand-based dynamic pricing
We employ dynamic pricing for ticket sales for some individual performances. This means that a pricing engine calculates and reviews the optimal prices of the tickets for a performance several times a day, based on supply and demand. This makes it possible for the ticket prices for the performances to dynamically adjust to the amount that visitors can spend on culture, as well as to developments in Budapest’s constantly changing, vibrant cultural offerings. If the cultural palette shows an excess of supply in a given period, the prices for the performances will start to decrease, and the cheaper ticket prices will make the programmes attractive to new audience segments, and will thus reach a wider audience. On the other hand, if a current production generates a situation of excess demand, the regulated but expected increase in ticket prices, in addition to helping with the management of the arts institution, ensures that – although they will have to pay slight more than the average ticket price – the audience will have a much longer opportunity to purchase tickets than they would otherwise, as the tickets won’t sell out seconds after going on sale.

Price changes during purchasing process, in practice
Dynamic pricing means that Müpa Budapest’s ticket system might review and change the prices of tickets for a given performance at regular intervals based on supply and demand. It is important to note that such changes can occur during the ticket purchasing process itself, even after you have opened and started to browse the ticket map. The prices of tickets already placed in the shopping basket will naturally remain unchanged. However, in those cases where they have not yet been placed in the shopping basket – since the subsequent change will not be visible in the display of the already opened ticket map – the system will notify you of the new ticket price in a pop-up window before placing it in the basket.


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