Education and Music

Music on Tour – Educational Programme 

The Hungarian National Philharmonic launched the Music on Tour chamber music series as a part of its educational programme in 2015. We primarily hold concerts in rural communities where the children enjoy few opportunities to encounter quality classical music. The programme also takes us on visits to institutions where the next generation of musicians are being educated: primary schools and high schools with arts-focused curricula.

The concerts’ educational character makes them an occasion to expand the children’s knowledge of music, but their principle function is to provide entertainment, which can serve to stimulate their interest in classical music and inspire students who are already involved in playing music to continue these activities.

We coordinate the programmes for the concerts with the teachers of the hosting schools and provide the opportunity for talented students to also perform. The programme is always child-oriented, incorporating many colourful explanations with which we attempt to kindle the young people’s interest in classical music and the various instruments. Our travelling artists are always drawn from those who have shown the greatest affinity for teaching and getting involved with youngsters. In the case of arts schools of the primary and secondary level, they hold “mini master classes” for talented local students, which music teachers and interested parents are also welcome to attend. At these, the finest artists in Hungary hone music students’ skills while refining their technique and introducing them to tricks of the trade both large and small. This often ends up providing not only the students with a new point of view, as the teachers are also exposed to new perspectives.



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