Monthly Archives: June 2003

Katalin Károlyi was the weak link at the latest concert of the National Philharmonic Orchestra, which is primarily surprising because audiences generally react better to concert pieces featuring a human voice. The orchestra's concert otherwise comprised of rarities: Stravinsky, a barely known Bartók (Four Orchestral Pieces), Rachmaninov orchestrated by Respighi, all things to alarm audiences. […]

The National Philharmonic Orchestra performs Bartók's Twenty Hungarian Folk Songs in a transcription by Zoltán Kocsis. On Thursday, the National Philharmonic Orchestra will perform Bartók's Twenty Hungarian Folk Songs, conducted by Zoltán Kocsis who has also orchestrated some of them. Two questions immediately strike the average music lover: what is this work? And why does it […]

Debussy and Ravel compositions in orchestrations by Zoltán Kocsis

Júlia Hajnóczy (soprano), National Philharmonic OrchestraConductor: Zoltán KocsisHungaroton Classic If anybody is, then Zoltán Kocsis is truly a musical artist in the Renaissance sense: he explores ever greater areas of his profession, and takes possession of new realms. Initially, we looked on with incomprehension, asking why as a pianist of genius, he did not devote […]