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Although Zoltán Kocsis began his musical career as a pianist while still quite young, in recent years he has appeared before the public more often as the conductor of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra than as a piano recitalist. It is perhaps not surprising that his latest musical endeavor has been joining his intimate knowledge […]

Tastes and lapses

Two concerts at the Music AcademyThe National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zoltán Kocsis implemented a significant widening of repertoire in their concert of April 27th. They performed almost entirely rarities; furthermore this programme had a concept, an arch, if you like. But we have long been used to Kocsis possessing superb taste and he always […]

Károly and Károlyi

Katalin Károlyi was the weak link at the latest concert of the National Philharmonic Orchestra, which is primarily surprising because audiences generally react better to concert pieces featuring a human voice. The orchestra's concert otherwise comprised of rarities: Stravinsky, a barely known Bartók (Four Orchestral Pieces), Rachmaninov orchestrated by Respighi, all things to alarm audiences. […]

National Philharmonic Orchestra/Zoltán Kocsis

When I first chanced upon the announcement of the National Philharmonic Orchestra's April 27th concert in the Concert Calendar, I immediately knew that that was the place for me. The choice of programme is virtually a symbol for Zoltán Kocsis's efforts at developing both the orchestra and the audience. Two Stravinsky works, which are rarer […]

The National Philharmonic facing a move

The National Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir and Bibliotheque Kht must move from its Vörösmarty Square office complex by the end of the summer, where it has functioned for the past thirty years. Because the new National Concert Hall, which is being built as part of the Millennium City Centre will only be inaugurated in the summer […]

Waiting for the Fifth Dimension

Zoltán Kocsis: An orchestra starts to transform thanks to contemporary composers In the National Philharmonic Orchestra and National Choir's programme for next year, there are a pleasing number of rarely heard pieces. Why were they chosen and why are there so few contemporary Hungarian works performed at the ensemble's concerts? – we asked Zoltán Kocsis, […]

National Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlioz

ZOLTÁN KOCSIS has for a long time been methodically endeavouring to make French music loved in Hungary. Recently he has turned his attention to Berlioz: leading the NATIONAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, he conducted Berlioz's dramatic symphony, Romeo and Juliet, written when the composer was 36 year old. In accordance with its generic description, this lengthy work […]