Monthly Archives: December 2004

B flat, as in …

Majesty; clear, deep crimson, the aroma of cloves. Masculine energy. Obscurity. Happy love, pure conscience, hope. Affability and tenderness. The dignity of superiors. Soft, sweet, feminine. Glory. Peace. – These terms are just some of the descriptions used by musical theoreticians between 1770 and1815 to describe the tonality of B flat major. E. T. A […]

Tis the season… for Classical

Theoretically, the holiday season should be a lot of fun. Family together, sitting around a blazing fire, drinking egg nog – nothing but relaxation, comfort and joy. Practically, the holiday season is plenty stressful for lots of people. Trying to figure out what to give someone who already has everything, running around in the rotten […]

Sincere gestures are needed

Zoltán Kocsis says he will only make peace with the leaders of the Budapest Festival Orchestra if they apologise to him since in his opinion, they removed from the orchestra in 1997 on trumped up charges and have been attacking him ever since. According to conductor and pianist Zoltán Kocsis, it is only natural that […]