Monthly Archives: June 2002

Hungarian Radio, New Music Magazine

(…) At the head of the National Philharmonic Orchestra, Zoltán Kocsis, as he did a few weeks ago, again conducted a ballet: following the earlier Wooden Prince by Bartók, this time he conducted the rarely performed full version of Ravel's Daphnis et Chloé. Again, the audience could follow the events of the ballet with projected […]

"This budgetary support is deserved by the National Philharmonic Orchestra"

On Thursday Zoltán Kocsis celebrated his fiftieth birthday with his now traditional charity concert. Yesterday evening, he was congratulated by his friends and admirers at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Kocsis is certain that the mistaken cultural policy that followed the change of political system will not be repeated and that the National Philharmonic Orchestra, […]

National Philharmonic Orchestra -Clemens Hagen

It seems that CLEMENS HAGEN always comes to Hungary because of Shostakovich  (…) This time, accepting an invitation from the NATIONAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, he again chose Shostakovich. (…) Absolutely impeccable technique, and in addition to the supreme control of the entire gamut of colours and dynamic gradations, steady stamina. As for the musical reading, under […]

National Philharmonic Orchestra, Kim Kashkashian

(…) Kim Kashkashian's musical personality is exceptionally buoyant, powerful and radiant. The approach she represents is  an unconditional identification with the music, and it forces her partners to artistic solutions devoid of compromise. This is paired with a unique tension, the secret of which is the simultaneous effect of a desire to express and introversion. […]