Monthly Archives: November 2002


Mozart was performed at the Matthias Church on November 4th courtesy of Zoltán Kocsis. He directed the National Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Choir. It was audible just how his orchestra can now sing with freedom; I have been truly waiting for this since he took over direction at the ensemble. Emotionally and in expression, […]

Musical quiz

A piquant little concert. The former music director of the National Philharmonic Orchestra (and now its Conductor Emeritus) conducted, while the present one played the piano. Translated into names: Kobayashi and Kocsis. Since it wasn't possible to try the reverse combination, we were faced with a pleasant Face the music style quiz show, and the audience […]

Hungarian Radio, New Music Magazine

On Wednesday an excited crowd was most curious what might result from the joint production of Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto between the former chief conductor of the Hungarian State Orchestra and the current General Music Director of the same ensemble (which in its current incarnation is known as the National Philharmonic Orchestra). And of course, […]

A program of forgotten masterpieces

Once again, the Japanese conductor Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi is a guest in Hungary, where he will perform works by Rachmaninov, Brahms, Carl Orff and Chopin with the National Philharmonic Orchestra. We spoke with the orchestra's general music director Zoltán Kocsis, about the popular Japanese musician's series of concerts, about his plans and his musical philosophy. – […]