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Zoltán Kocsis selects pieces of music of Bartók and his age

2012. 09. 12.

1894, 1905, 1911- these dates refer to the years in which music pieces  to be perfomed in the concert were completed. They also represent the age from which Zoltán Kocsis selected them for the concert to be organised traditionally one day prior to the death anniversary of Bartok.



"On the season opening concert Debussy’s and Bartok’s pieces will be performed next to each other on purpose. I have already done such a selection a couple of times before, and it was not always well received. One might ask why Debussy is played on the opening concert of the Hungarian National Philharmonic. My answer to such a question is that if someone like Debussy could have such a great impact on Bartok, our national composer, surely he deserves distinguished attention, especially in connection with him" Zoltán Kocsis