Concertos / Featuring the works of Boccherini, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and Haydn
Sunday, 17 November 2019
From 11 amuntil approximately 5.10 pm
Müpa – Festival Theater,
HUF 2,500
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Concertos / Featuring the works of Boccherini, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and Haydn

Music Mania / Youth season 1

Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra
Házigazda: Dániel Dinyés

The upcoming series of Musicmania will be all about the diversity of music – in relation to genre. There are – surprisingly – as many unique styles as there are genres in classical music. One genre differs from another not only in terms of the playing style, but also in terms of the language of the music, the mode of expression, the message and even the way that message is told. There is a difference, then, when an instrumental soloist responds to an orchestra, and another when a singer’s aria complements or counters the accompanying music. We will try to track the evolution of the genre of symphonies in a single concert. We examine how, from simple beginnings, a symphony is transformed into a musical process that tells a series of life stories. From the huge repertoire of symphonic music, we will be able to explore every little detail of this ever-changing and wonderful world. We strive to find the key to the joy of listening to music, identifying even the tiniest elements in the creation of music as we enrich our own worlds in the process.

Concertos: On this occasion, we will examine the incredible variety of concertos. We learn what differentiates a violin concerto from an oboe concerto and a cello concerto from a bassoon concerto. But along with the differences, we will also seek to identify lots of tiny similarities, helping you to feel closer to the genre, understand it and hopefully come to love its very essence. Finally, we will also enjoy a conversation between four instruments with a performance of Haydn’s Sinfonia Concertante.