Kobayashi 80
Monday, 4 May 2020
From 19.30until approximately 21:10
Müpa – Béla Bartók National Concert Hall,
8.500 Ft, 6.500 Ft, 5.500 Ft, 4.500 Ft

Kobayashi 80

Bérleten kívüli hangverseny

Giuseppe Verdi Requiem
Mariann Váradi soprano
Andrea Ulbrich mezzo soprano
Attila Fekete tenor
István Kovács bass
Musashino Choir
Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi conductor

As Hans von Bülow once commented, the Requiem is “Verdi‘s latest opera, albeit in ecclesiastical garb”. There is no disputing the work’s theatricality, the dramatic character of its manner of expression – but this is also the work’s virtue. The ageing master did not hold back even when setting the liturgical text to music, creating dramatic movements with amazing impact. Now it will be performed by the Hungarian National Philharmonic, with the collaboration of a team of leading vocal soloists and Tokyo’s Musashino Choir, all under the baton of a legendary favourite of the Hungarian audience, Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi, who also directs the visiting ensemble.