XIII. Psalm

Liszt decided to spend the summer of 1855 composing in Weimar. He resumed work on his Dante Symphony, composed Psalm No. 13. and was also occupied with the choral parts of his Prometheus.

On November 25th, he visited Berlin to conduct a concert of his own works there. The event saw the first performance of Psalm No. 13. He picked Berlin as the venue of the premiere, by that confirming the importance he had attached to this work. „I cut short my work on the Prometheus choirs to compose this psalm rising from the fullness of my heart.

Written for tenor, choir and orchestra, this in fact is probably one of Liszt’s most beauiful works in which „… the tenor part is of great importance: I let myself sing in it and the emotions of King David diffused into my own flesh and blood.” /Ferenc Liszt/