Suite for Promenad Orchestra No. 2

The work that went on to become popular in the second half of the 20th century as Shostakovich’s Jazz Suite No. 2 through many performances and arrangements, was in fact an eight-movement compilation of pieces of incidental music for ballet, film and theatre, composed for variety/promenade orchestra (Suite for Stage Variety Orchestra).

March; II. Lyric Waltz; III. Dance 1; IV. Waltz 1; V. Little Polka; VI. Waltz 2; VII. Dance 2; VIII. Finale

Interestingly, the orchestra features saxophones and an accordion. The order of the eight movements can be varied ad lib, and movements can be omitted altogether. The most famous of them is Waltz 2, which was made famous by the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. It is a little known fact that it was originally a soundtrack for Mikhail Kalatozov’s 1956 film Pervvy Eshelon.