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Classical works connected to Vienna

2013. 02. 12.

The Grammy and Emmy-award-winning Roberto Minczuk will be conducting works connected to Vienna. Born 115 years ago, Erich Wolfgang Korngold had written many major symphonic works when at the age of 22 he composed the incidental music to Shakespeare’s drama. Mozart’s last C-major piano concerto failed to make to the general repertoire for a long time and is still relatively rarely heard in spite of it being compared to the great Jupiter Symphony. The soloist Pascal Rogé earned his reputation with his interpretations of French music and is also highly renowned as a performer of Viennese Classical works. Richard Strauss included some Viennese waltzes in The Knight of the Rose from which he eventually composed a suite for the concert-halls. The Viennese waltz became popular in the first half of the nineteenth century and was rendered immortal by Johann Strauss.

More information on the music and the artist can be found here.


From the Artist’s point of view

We reached Maestro Roberto Minczuk in Canada. The whole interview can be watched here:


„Mozart is the most difficult composer because he is the most natural, spontaneous genius.” –Our interview with Pianist Pascal Rogé can be watched here:


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