Rita Miczki - first violin - orchestra musician

There is a motto, or something similar;

What does music give you? I would like to tell you about a pleasant memory that helped me to understand this question!
During one of our orchestra's rehearsals, I realised that for a millisecond of the work we were playing, I had 'broken away' from the rest of the orchestra. Yet I could still hear the most wonderful sounds all around me, the result of the work of many artists. I was suddenly outside of myself, as though I had awoken from a meditative state that I did not even know existed. At that moment, it became clear to me that what my everyday experience during orchestra rehearsal is far from normal.
During a break in the rehearsal, I reported this strange feeling to a dear colleague, who replied; "Now you know what they mean by flow.."
Yes, now I now... and I wouldn't miss it for the world...

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