Gabriella Marton - soprano - chorister

I am passionate about my work! I actually make a living from my favourite pastime, playing music.
I feel like I have extended my student years for life. Constant learning, practicing both singing and playing instruments, and of course the excitement of performing and travelling!
It is wonderful and sometimes very tough, but it is LOVE!
We always work as a team, and we have many deep friendships. This is where I met my dearest friend, my ‘twin sister’ according to my colleagues, and I now think of her more as my true sister.
My hometown is Pécs. I went to music primary school and music secondary school there. I graduated from what was then the Pécs section of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, and, after graduation, I was accepted to the newly founded Hungarian National Choir.
Music and dance have always been one of the main pillars of my life – the other one is my FAMILY.

I feel lucky to have both!