Judit Király - alto - chorister

My love for choral singing started to develop even when I was a child. When I was singing with the Hungarian Radio Children’s Choir, I felt that this activity was my terrain, the one I felt at home in. I looked at the members of the adult choirs with admiration, thinking about how wonderful it would be to be engaged as an adult with what is now for me that most joyful way to spend one’s time. I am grateful that this became my profession.
For me, the exercise of my Christian faith and singing are closely linked and actually serve one another. Sacred music to me is an opportunity for prayer, giving thanks and praising God.
Although chamber singing is the closest to my personality and my soul, when 80 singers sing together, this has a special vibration that multiplies the singer’s possibilities, adding strength and energy through community and a love of music – it affects both the performers and the audience alike, and this cannot be created through any other musical formation. I think choral work builds character and purpose: to pass on the joy experienced during the performance of the choral work by multiplying it.
In today’s world, everything is all about competing and overcoming one another other [kell ide ez az other?], while singing in a choir creates a community based on creating a common, beautiful thing together.

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