Dániel Kelemen - bass - chorister
When I was attending the musical primary school, I never would have thought that singing would become my profession. I applied to attend a high school specialising in mathematics and computer science and planned to become an economist. Like most of the high school boys, I played music in a rock band, and was one of the frequent performers at the SamSem (that is, Nincs egy vaSam Sem – I don’t have a penny) Rock Club with my group Old’s Cool, in which I was a bass player. Although I always felt some kind of connection to music, at the time I considered it mostly a more sophisticated way of meeting girls. Having achieved this, I was about to go on a date with a girl I had long had my eye on when my high school singing teacher, Ildikó Pogány, grabbed me by the arm – forcing me to cancel the date – and dragged me to Aunt Lujza Németh for an audition. She was the one who first said I was going to be a singer. I began to warm up to the possibility, and I soon fell under its spell. Thanks to Aunt Lujza’s painstaking preparation, I was admitted to the Liszt Academy’s voice programme in 2004, where I studied in the opera department under Éva Marton. The world of theatrical singing first captivated me through my classes with actors. In 2011, I made my debut as Masetto at the National Theatre of Győr and then at the Hungarian State Opera House. It was somewhere here that my passion for teamwork that today is fed by singing in the choir started to develop inside me. I spent three years at the Operetta Theatre, also appearing in Békéscsaba and Székesfehérvár, as well as forming a close working relationship with the National Theatre of Miskolc, whose opera productions I have been taking part in for years now. Although I’ve spent the better part of my career as a soloist, working as part of a team has always been closest to my heart. I feel an energy like no other when everyone, ranging from the technical staff to the stage manager and the leading soloist, dedicates themselves to the same goal: to perform a work. At such times, I feel like I am part of a great whole working with all its vibrations to give something to people: to enchant them, to give them pleasure, to make them think, and to elicit a sense of catharsis from the audience. I found the perfect unity of musical professionalism and teamwork in choral singing. In 2016, I was given a spot in the Honvéd Male Choir, which was followed in 2017 by a position in the Hungarian National Choir. I like to be here because there is no other place in Hungary where I can sing such a wide range of classical music, and where we can perform the works at a professional level and as a united team. And not incidentally, here at Müpa Budapest, an old dream of mine has come true: as a resident of Molnár Island, I can finally take a boat to work.