Zoltán Gavodi - tenor - chorister

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to hear and listen, for even the shimmering silence of the forest, prayer, and art can only be appreciated so greatly when voices are silenced.

Géza Csáth and János Pilinszky both wrote with great respect and musical erudition of the composers of their era and also previous masters, the former approaching their music from the perspective of aesthetics and psychology, while the latter considered it proof of the existence of God. I share Pilinszky’s certainty, because to create a piece of music from mischievous notes, then to show and express it through the soul of the performer(s), and finally to accept it as a student with emotion and intellect is, for me, a trinity that requires the blessing of the Creator. As a middle link, as a performer, leaving the blessed work as it is, and striving to make what is possibly unblessed blessed, delivering valuable content and awakening thought in the listener: this is the noble task of our existence here.

Although the artist may already have been laid to rest, the composition yearns to continue to live, so that, with the assistance of the performer, the music can reach listeners’ hearts through their ears.

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