Eszter Zita Dóri - soprano - chorister

I am a person with an idealistic outlook on the world. I love all living things. Animals, nature and people, especially in terms of their creative works. But I am also interested in psychology and how everything works, the relationships between cause and effect.
When I play music, I try to express the delicate vibrations of the soul. Continuous development is an important part of this profession, because one needs to learn certain things in order to flourish and become completely free in it. A musician perceives sounds at many different levels: more than what they see with their eyes. The moment when music stirs life within us is one with a therapeutic effect. This is when all our problems vanish and we are transported into a dimension outside our own bodies.
I like chamber music, because of the way we move in reaction to each other when playing it together. That is when I truly feel that the other person is not somebody else, but that we are all parts of an entire whole.

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