Ez történt

Mozart from behind the piano

2012. 10. 19.

A concerto and a Schubert mass featuring an internationally-renowned soloists and conductor. After the concert of 18 October, tonight’s programme again presents one of the Austrian composer’s last works which also happens to be one of his longest masses, the E-flat major, written for the largest group of performers. Interestingly, Schubert borrowed the main theme of the last movement from one of his own Lieder.

Appearing in a double capacity, Christian Zacharias exploded on the musical scene as a pianist at the age of 19 when he won the Geneva Competition. Artistic director of the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, he performs the Viennese maestro’s last piano concerto which received its premiere in March 1791 with Mozart himself playing the piano at what would be his last public appearance as a pianist.

From the artist’s view


“Mozart’s piano concertos represent the absolute summit of this genre. To me, these are simply the best pieces of music ever written. “ Christian Zacharias on his special ties to Mozart


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