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Spectacular and exciting – The Nutcracker, according to the original intention of Tchaikovsky

2012. 12. 23.

Marie, Drosselmeyer, the Mouse King, Councillor Stahlbaum, Confiturembourg, Christmas tree, gift boxes and of course the Nutcracker Prince come together in the essential musical theatrical event of Christmas. Produced in collaboration with the Budapest Vocal School, the Kolibri Theatre Company, the performance last year was so successful we decided to stage it again this year. This concept seeks to follow the original 1892 show with its spectacular features. In this production of Nutcracker, the original work is staged in an expanded space. In the new Nutcracker the cast are dressed as puppets – some of them giant puppets. Imagination and reality overlap in a beautiful and interesting production that uses the full original score, bringing to life the classical Christmas music according to Tchaikovsky’s intentions.

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