Circle of Backers

As an additional option, members of our Circle of Friends are also eligible to join our Circle of Backers. By paying an annual membership fee, our backers get to enjoy various discounts and take part in exclusive programmes alongside people with similar interests.



Discounted tickets to some of our concerts that we have organised ourselves, as well as to certain performances and exhibitions of our sister institutions, such as the National Dance Theatre, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts.


Special programmes

Including: Visits to rehearsals and dress rehearsals of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra and Hungarian National Choir

Parallel programmes: Guided tours of exhibitions linked to individual concerts.

Behind the wings: Visit to Müpa Budapest, home of the Hungarian National Philharmonic, as well as to our sister institutions (the approx. one-hour programme will introduce visitors to the world behind the scenes and the work that is conducted there.)


Membership fees for the Circle of Backers

  • Individual membership fee: HUF 8,000/year
  • Joint membership fee (for two persons): HUF 13,000/year
  • Family membership fee (for two adults and three children): HUF 16,000/year
  • Individual membership fee for pensioners: HUF 6,000/year
  • Joint membership fee for pensioners (for two persons): HUF 9,000/year
  • Individual membership fee for students: HUF 3,000/year


Membership in the Backers programme is valid for one year from the payment of the membership fee.

For more information:

  • Telephone: +36 (1) 411-6636 és  +36 (30) 411-6636
  • E-mail: