Great scenes from Verdi’s operas with Carlo Montanaro
Thursday, 18 November 2021
From 7:30 pmuntil approximately 9:30 pm
Pesti Vigadó Ceremonial Hall,
HUF 3,500, HUF 4,000
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Great scenes from Verdi’s operas with Carlo Montanaro

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Giuseppe Verdi: La forza del destino – overture

Giuseppe Verdi: Ernani – finale from Act 1

Don Ruy Gomez de Silva Krisztián Cser
Ernani Szabolcs Brickner
Don Carlos Alexandru Agache
Elvira Klára Kolonits
Jago Dániel Kelemen
Riccardo Jenő Dékán
Giovanna Andrea Lehőcz


Giuseppe Verdi: Simon Boccanegra – Council chamber scene

Simon Boccanegra Alexandru Agache
Gabriele Adorno Szabolcs Brickner
Amelia Grimaldi Klára Kolonits
Fiesco Krisztián Cser
Paolo Péter Pásztor 
Pietro István Gáspár


Giuseppe Verdi: Don Carlo – Auto da fé scene

Filippo II Krisztián Cser
Elisabeth Klára Kolonits
Marquis of Posa Alexandru Agache
Don Carlos Szabolcs Brickner
Tebaldo Gabriella Szalai-Illés 
A Voice from Heaven Ágnes Kristófi
Royal Herald Zoltán Czier


Giuseppe Verdi: I lombardi – Act 4

Giselda Klára Kolonits
Oronte Szabolcs Brickner
Pagano Krisztián Cser
Arvino István Viszló


What comes to mind when we think about the operas of Giuseppe Verdi? Extreme emotions, overflowing passions, hope and disappointment, loyalty and betrayal, courage and struggle, repressed anguish and revealed secrets. Romantic drama that also draws modern viewers into its spell so irresistibly. Overtures of sweeping force, the unforgettable melodies of the arias and duets, and resounding choruses. The exceptional attraction of a gala concert is the way it allows us to immerse ourselves in the beauties of more than one opera, venturing forth into the abundance of several.

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