Rossini Hamupipőke, avagy hogyan főzzünk operát
Sunday, 18 December 2016
From 15:00 - 18.00
Müpa – Festival Theater,
1.600 Ft
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Rossini Hamupipőke, avagy hogyan főzzünk operát

Mesés zenék - családi matiné délután

Rossini Hamupipőke, avagy hogyan főzzünk operát

Rossini Mészáros Máté, színművész
Angelina, a Hamupipőke Kálnay Zsófia, szoprán
Ramiro herceg Hanczár György, tenor
Dandini, a herceg inasa Fülep Máté, bariton
Alidoro, a herceg nevelője Ladjánszky László, basszus
Donna Magnifica, Angelina mostohaanyja Gáspár István, basszus
Clorinda, Donna Magnifica leánya Széll Cecília, szoprán
Tisbe, Donna Magnifica leánya Bakos Kornélia, mezzoszoprán


Dramaturg Keszthelyi Kinga

Jelmez- és díszlet Árva Nóra

Animáció Miks Róbert

Koreográfia Marosi Edit


Rendező Gábor Sylvie

Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra
Men’s voices from the Hungarian National Choir (chorus master: Csaba Somos)
Csaba Somos choirmaster

The greatest composer of the early 19th century achieved everything that was possible to achieve, including being the toast of salons and balls, rich and poor, gentlemen and servants. Crowds awaited the first performance of his new operas and newspaper headlines declared that Rossini was writing a new work. However, he suddenly changed his mind and retired. To the kitchen. Lo and behold, there too he created something truly lasting. Cinderella is given an apron and a wooden spoon. The story and its popular arrangement tell us how the composer “cooks” an opera. All we know is that it takes a portion of love and evil, and a sprinkling of humour. The proportions are of course essential. The celebrity chef of all composers, Rossini himself is here in person to tell the secret recipe.