In memoriam Kocsis
Saturday, 6 November 2021
From 7:30 pmuntil approximately 9:10 pm
Müpa – Béla Bartók National Concert Hall,
HUF 2,500, HUF 3,500, HUF 4,000, HUF 4,500, HUF 5,500
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In memoriam Kocsis

Non-season ticket concert / 2

Franz Liszt – Zoltán Kocsis: Festive March for the Goethe Centenary
Sergei Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, op. 30


Claude Debussy: Three Nocturnes
Béla Bartók – Zoltán Kocsis: Scherzo, BB 27/4

Boris Berezovsky piano

Female choir of the Hungarian National Choir (choirmaster: Csaba Somos)
Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor: János Kovács


The Hungarian National Philharmonic always commemorates the anniversary of Zoltán Kocsis’s death with a concert composed exclusively of pieces that were in one way or another important to the legendary conductor or his career. The opening and closing numbers, while serving as a reminder that Kocsis was a great performer of both Liszt and Bartók, are also gems of his work as an arranger. Rachmaninov and Debussy were both close to the pianist/conductor’s heart. Interpreting the Russian master’s Piano Concerto No. 3 will be Boris Berezovsky, who has worked with his Hungarian colleague several times.