José Cura: Requiem
Monday, 9 May 2022
From 7:30 PMuntil approximately 10 PM
Müpa – Béla Bartók National Concert Hall,
HUF 2,000, HUF 3,000, HUF 4,000, HUF 5,000, HUF 6,000
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José Cura: Requiem

A Magyar Rádió Művészeti Együttesei szervezésében

José Cura: Requiem

“I am a composer and conductor whom fate has blessed with a notable singing voice,” is how José Cura described himself a few years ago. This concert will be a performance of his 1984 work Requiem, written in memory of the victims of the Falklands War fought between Argentina and the United Kingdom two years previously. Cura wrote the piece to be performed by two choirs, one Argentine and the other British, as a symbol of peace. Singing it this time will be two wonderful Hungarian ensembles: the Hungarian Radio Choir and the Hungarian National Choir.

“It is a difficult task to define José Cura’s music, which is simultaneously personal and universal, from a stylistic perspective,” writes Mario De Rose. “Cura does not base his music on preconfigured elements in order to create dialogue. On the contrary, the dialogue is created by the need for expression: it is not the means that determines the music. Instead the music uses the means. The use of different compositional techniques depends on what needs to be expressed, and this makes Cura’s musi

Szilvia Rálik – soprano
Bernadett Fodor – alto
Dániel Pataky – tenor
Marcell Bakonyi – bass
Hungarian National Choir (choirmaster: Csaba Somos)
Hungarian Radio Choir (choirmaster: Zoltán Pad)
Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: José Cura