Ez történt

Kids’ and youth programs

2013. 11. 06.

Our kids and youth concerts offer classical music experience for ages 3-12.


The new series titled The soul of the instruments introduce children to the strings, the wind and the percussion instruments which form the real “soul” of the orchestra.

The programs will be held in the rehearsal room of the orchestra where children can get acquainted with the instruments in a informal and playful way.

Concerts will start at 11 am and 3 pm on Sunday sin the Palace Of Arts. Please come to the main entrance, from here you will be taken up to the rehearsal room on the 6th floor where the program takes place.

Concert dates:
26 January 2014 String instruments learn more
2 March 2014 Wind Instruments learn more
11 May Percussion instruments learn more

Our youth series, Action Heroes in Music proves that music can be exciting and battles can be won not just by weapons but by melodies. Fairy tales are important sources for the kids’ soul. However, music tales are even more exciting as music can evoke feelings which are beyond words.

Concerts start at 11 am and 3 pm on Sunday sin the festival Theatre in the Palace of Arts.


9 March 2014 Let’s play Háry! learn more