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Zoltán Kocsis returns to stage after heart operation

2012. 12. 10.

After his recent successful heart operation, our Chief Music Director and Conductor, Zoltan Kocsis will return to the stage in the Palace of Arts on December 22, when he will conduct Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. Kocsis said his doctors had told him he could safely return to work by then. He was asked about his illness, the healing process and his future plans in his home by Mária Albert, MTI Press.


"The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky is not complicated, does not involve any stressful parts and we have played it several times," Kocsis told MTI in an interview.

He said he had undergone an aortic graft and had been lucky to survive without brain damage or paralysis.

"I was also responsible for generating the stress. I simply cannot quit as long as I can see that something is not perfect. This involves a lot of arguments and shouting. I have said many times that I think it is unacceptable if a musician with excellent skills does not strive for perfection," Kocsis said.

He said he had over-stressed himself on September 13, performing Bartok’s first piano concerto in Pecs which includes a fortissimo in the third movement, during which he became breathless.

He underwent the operation on September 20 after being rushed to hospital.

Kocsis said his operation scars still bothered him when playing the piano, especially when sudden turns are necessary.

"But I am already practicing … There is no problem with conducting because I am standing and the body position is optimal for maximum effort," he added.

Kocsis noted that the 2013-14 season is already complete and will also include some surprises.

"But I will leave the great Strauss discoveries such as Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme for the seasons to follow," he added.