Gertrúd Wittinger - soprano - chorister

After completing my voice studies at the music academies of Budapest and Vienna, I sang for years as a soloist. In January of 2017, I joined the Hungarian National Choir, where we work on a daily basis with a range of music significantly wider than my repertoire as a soloist.
The difficult aspects of singing in a choir – constantly mastering new composers, styles, languages and even singing techniques at short notice – are also the beautiful part about it.
As a soloist, I never would have encountered Ligeti's Requiem or worked together with the Modern Art Orchestra led by Kornél Fekete-Kovács.
Some of my colleagues are true friends, while I see that many others possess hidden treasures, whether it be talent as a poet, translator or simply the ability to make people laugh or to bake marvellous cakes and cookies.
We look out for each other through good and bad.

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