Deborah Sipkay - harp - section leader

When I joined the orchestra, I was only a little over 20 years old, and I can tell you it completely changed my world! Under the direction of Maestro Kobayashi, we played fantastic concerts and toured all over. He was followed by Zoltán Kocsis, who taught me more than I could imagine. To this day, I reap the benefits of all of this as I prepare for each and every one of our productions. It fills me with pride and joy to know that we in the orchestra have been able to pass on Kocsis's absolute perfectionism to posterity through the CDs we recorded together, something that was best embodied in his Bartók New Series albums. In 2021 I was named "Orchestral Musician of the Year" based on a secret vote by my fellow artists, a recognition that is very important to me."

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