Márta Csikós - soprano - chorister
My love for music had already developed in my early childhood. I grew up with my parents in Heves, where there was always music in our house, and I sang a great deal, often together with my parents. After enrolling at the Heves Music School, I studied piano and voice. I then continued my musical studies in cimbalom and voice at the Béla Bartók High School of Music in Miskolc. From there, my path took me to the Liszt Academy in Budapest, where I earned a degree in cimbalom, voice and solfège. My first job was at the Budafok School of Music and Art, teaching cimbalom and solfège. After that, I ended up at the Kispest Music School before gaining a spot in the Hungarian State Choir, the predecessor to the Hungarian National Choir. Choral singing had been a part of my music education since primary school. I have sung almost the entire classical choral repertoire. In addition to chamber and choral singing, I have also developed a significant and still growing repertoire as a soloist, comprising works in nearly every genre, ranging from folk songs to opera. I am very grateful to the teachers who have refined my vocal technique: Zsuzsa Németh, Margit Kapossy, Eszter Horváth – just to mention my biggest influences. As a soloist, I get to show my own musicality and performance skills, while choral singing is about paying attention to each other, adapting, and reacting to delicate vibrations and executing the conductors instructions to the maximum degree possible. These two different artistic activities are both very inspiring, and I cultivate both with great joy. In the Hungarian National Choir, I get to work with talented colleagues who are also masters of the arts of choral singing and chamber music. Last but not least, I must mention the many wonderful conductors I have come to know and perform music with over the course of my career.