Ez történt

Introduction to our April 6 Concert

2012. 03. 29.

Here is yet another very special programme from the National Philharmonic Orchestra, with exciting works including two large-scale compositions, neither of which can be called an often-heard concert piece. Commissioned by the Kirov Theatre in Leningrad in 1934, Prokofiev’s suite will be performed in a version never heard before in Hungary in the first half of the concert, as arranged by the Swiss conductor of the concert, who was a pupil of Boulez, Stockhausen, György Széll, Stokowski and Lorin Maazel and is known for his innovative programmes. The second half features classical music, but again not in its original form. “To remain strictly faithful to Brahms’s style and not to go further than he would have done if he were still alive: that was my ambition,” Schoenberg said in 1937 about the transcription he created in 1937 in the United States.