Katalin Tóth - alto - chorister
For me, singing is an endless source of happiness. It is a state of grace – and it has been going on since I was nine years old, for about 55 years. My love for and dedication to singing has not waned over the decades, but it has constantly grown and developed. I am grateful to my fate, my teachers, my masters, my helpers, all of whom have been instrumental in the process and development that have made me who I am today. They are: Mrs Ágoston Kováts, Anikó Zakariás, Jenő Pertis, Margit Szilvássy, Miklós Pászti, Mátyás Antal, Ken-ichiro Kobayashi, Éva Marton, Prof. Mircea Breazu, Tünde Szabóki, Marianna Vékey, Csaba Somos, Brigitta Kovács As a founding member of the Hungarian National Choir, I am passionate about all vocal genres, both as a choral singer and as a soloist. Not only did I find a great job in the Choir, but also wonderful colleagues and lifelong friends. I even started my family here, as my partner and husband sang here until his death, also as a founding member. I could hardly wish for a richer, more beautiful life of musical experiences and human relationships. I am grateful!